Use the Robust Public Records of GeoJet in Place of Tax Insight

Hello Northern Nevada Regional MLS Members,

Recently some of you have asked about the tax products that we offer and we wanted to let you know of an important change that has taken place.

Tax Insight provided through Paragon has been discontinued by the vendor as of October 1, 2012.

As a comprehensive alternative, we encourage you to utilize the robust public records of our primary tax product, GeoJet.

To learn more about GeoJet, please click on the links below:

To read FAQs about GeoJet, click here.

To learn about GeoJet’s newest features, click here.

Please let us know if there is particular Tax Insight feature that you have not been able to locate while using GeoJet by calling 823-8838 or emailing to

Thank you,

-The NNRMLS Team

P.S.: How do you access GeoJet? Here’s a brief how-to:

1. In Paragon, click on the Tax icon
2. Under the yellow Tax Integrations heading click the GeoJet link and you will be brought to the Property Search page. You can also click on the GeoJet icon (it looks like a small jet plane) on a single property detail report to be brought to the GeoJet program with the address pre-loaded in the Property Search section.

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2 thoughts on “Use the Robust Public Records of GeoJet in Place of Tax Insight

  1. Tax Insight was much better than this piece of crap! You can’t find half of the properties you want to and if it’s outside Washoe County you might as well give up on getting any info on a property. Switch back or at least give us the option of using both. Everyone I’ve talked to hates this new GeoCrap…I mean GeoJet!!

    • Hello,
      I am sorry to hear that GeoJet doesn’t satisfy your tax needs. Perhaps if you could provide a list of properties that you’re looking for we can test to verify why they might not be showing up in your searches. As for switching back, we cannot because the vendor, the maker of the product, has discontinued Tax Insight. If you do not care for GeoJet, perhaps you would consider using Realtors Property Resource, (RPR), for searching properties and tax records? To use RPR you can go to the log in page:, click Create New Account (or just sign in if you’ve already created an account and skip the following instructions), and enter your NRDS number, On the My Profile Page fill in as many details as you can, especially your contact info, which will appear on the reports, Upload your photo and logo (file size: min: 30kb to max: 2000kb, file dimensions: 100px by 100px, File format .jpg, .gif or .png, then set your MLS info and home area; you’ll need to know your MLS and your agent ID#.

      Once you log in enter the address you wish to search into the quick search field and scroll down to the bottom of the resulting page. There you should find “Tax Info” that should be useful to you. Please let us know if that helps!

      Also, although we do request your feedback and comments we do require you use civil language and tone the Real Estate profession. Please help us keep this blog a respectful place where all that visit feel comfortable commenting. Comments that are deemed inappropriate will be removed at the discretion of the publishers.
      Thank you,
      The NNRMLS Team

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