4 Reasons to Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

internet explorer1. Microsoft Has Announced the End of Support for All Versions of Internet Explorer Released Before IE 11

Microsoft has announced that as of January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer (IE) will receive support and security updates. IE is being replaced by the Microsft Edge browser. Internet Explorer 11 is the last and final version of Internet Explorer. Continue reading

Partial Saves and Violations

If you have entered a partial listing and are ready for it to go live on the MLS, please remember to update the listing date first. If it is not updated, and is outside of our 2 business day range, it triggers our system to recognize it as a Late Listing, resulting in a Violation. We would then ask for documentation as proof of the listing dates to clear the fine.

Save time and double-check your dates!

Saved Searches and Auto-Notification Issues Resolved — Voice Alert/Text Message Functionality Remains Disabled

UPDATE Friday 2-21-14: From Paragon MLS; “The Voice Alert/Text message functionality remains disabled at this time, (2/21/14) and will remain disabled through the weekend. An additional communication will be sent informing you when it will be reactivated.”

UPDATE Thursday 2-20-14: The Voice Alert/Text message functionality remains disabled at this time. The Paragon team will reevaluate the situation Friday, Feb. 21st, and communicate the status of the issue.

On Weds, Feb 19th, the Paragon team sent you an email explanation of issues that occurred on Tuesday affecting saved searches, auto-notification and an apology as well. They also sent a separate explanation and apology to any of your clients that might have been affected. Continue reading