CRS Data Crunch: How to Find Parcel Maps in CRS Data

We are beginning a new series of blog tutorials to help answer your questions about our new tax program, CRS Data (replacing Geojet late last month). Simply look for “CRS Data Crunch” in the blog post title and read tax tutorials by our team experts crafted with Members in mind! Continue reading

CRS Data: New Tax Program for NNRMLS Coming in Late April

Get current tax data, detailed maps and robust features on all your devices! Find listings and FSBOs quickly, evaluate them effectively and give your clients professional presentations. Sound good? Then you’ll love CRS Data, the NNRMLS new flagship tax product coming later this month! Continue reading

Utilize the Robust Public Records of Our Primary Tax Product, GeoJet

Tax Insight through Paragon has been discontinued by the vendor as of October 1st. Don’t forget to check out the upgrades to GeoJet, our primary tax product. To learn more about how to utilize the robust public records functionality, please click here.