Call Before Showing Codes Encourage Showing Agent To Contact Listing Agent

A few NNRMLS Members have told us that Showing Agents sometimes attempt to show listings without making an appointment first. Listing Agents that would like to control this can program lockboxes with a Call Before Showing (CBS) code, which prevents agents from accessing a lockbox until the Listing Agent is contacted for an additional code. The Showing Agent must enter this CBS code into the lockbox before they can access the key compartment. Continue reading

Hanging Your Lockbox

The new Supra iBox BT lockboxes have shackles that can be completely detached to accommodate unusually-shaped door knobs and other locations as well. The NNRMLS staff would like to remind you to think about safety when choosing a location and hanging your lockbox. Continue reading

Which Smartphones Can Be Used as Your Lockbox Key?

With the NNRMLS 2013 Lockbox Exchange coming next week on May 7, 8 & 9 you might be wondering which smartphones you’ll be able to use to open the new iBox BT LE.  Continue reading

Andrew’s Lockbox Location Misadventure!

Like you, I thought to myself, “How hard could it be to find the location of the NNRMLS Lockbox Exchange, it’s near the Nugget, right? If I can’t find it, I’ll just put it into my phone’s Google Map app!” Continue reading

Entering Supra KeyBox Serial Number & Shackle Code

Are you wondering how to manage your Supra lockbox settings in Paragon?

The following article will discuss how to enter the Supra KeyBox Serial Number & Shackle Code for your listing into the MLS.
First click on the Listings icon, and the Listings link from the resulting dropdown under the Maintain heading. Next you’ll want to locate your desired listing and click on the Select an Action link under the Action column.

Action column

In the resulting Select an Action window click the Supra Lockbox link,

select an action

and in the Supra Lockbox window click on the blue Assign link. After that the “KeyBox Serial Number:” & “Shackle Code:” fields will appear, fill in these fields and click the Save button.

Supra modal
That’s it! You’ve successfully managed your Supra lockbox settings.

Visit here, and learn what a robust tool it is and how it can help you help your customers!