Breathe In…Breathe Out…

We all get so busy, especially coming into the Holiday season! We try to juggle as many activities, parties and celebrations as possible. Don’t get in such a hurry that you enter information into Paragon incorrectly! Incorrect Information continues to top our violation count for the month of October. Please remember to double-check all information before entering it into Paragon; then you will be worry and violation-free, ready to enjoy those parties! Continue reading

Are You Familiar With NNRMLS Rules & Regs?

Remember the goal of our compliance program is not to collect fines, but to correct the data! We seek to ensure the MLS is a trading platform for our members with relevant, timely, accurate, and reliable data. If you are unclear on a rule or uncertain as to procedure, please contact your NNRMLS Team. We are happy to help! Continue reading

Top May Violations

In May, “Late Listings” were down from April, but “Remarks” violations increased.  Remember, any contact information including phone numbers, websites, and bank and escrow information is permitted in the Private Remarks” only. Continue reading

New Compliance System Now in Motion/Breakdown of Recent Violations

At the end of January, Members received notification that NNRMLS had implemented a new compliance system. We sent a warning that over 300 violations would be emailed to Members over the first week of February. Continue reading

Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits and Confidential Listings

When your client requests that their property not be placed in the MLS for any reason, a “Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits” must be completed and submitted to NNRMLS within 48 hours of the Seller’s signature. Continue reading