Unsupported Browser Error Message

If you’re trying to log into Paragon using Internet Explorer 9 or 10 as your Internet browser and receiving an Unsupported Browser error message, you can rest assured that this message is wrong; you do not have an unsupported browser. Continue reading

Rename Paragon Search Containers

As part of a recent software update you can now rename your search containers in Paragon and move them around:

renaming containers
To access this feature:

1. Click the Customize button in your search criteria.

2. A new option called “Containers” will display in the drop down.

3. Click the Containers link, which will opens a set of controls that allow you to modify the
label and rearrange the order of the containers.

4. Click the Apply button and you’re done!


Make Paragon Patriotic with a Summertime Banner

With our country’s 237th birthday right around the corner visions of cookouts, flags and fireworks are likely bursting in your mind. Bring your patriotic vision to life by customizing Paragon’s main toolbar into a Fourth of July extravaganza!

Here’s what the summertime themed banner looks like:

Forth banner…and here’s how to get it onto your Paragon account:

1. Click the Preferences icon and then click the System link.


2. Click the User Interface Interface from the menu on the left side of the screen.

System Preferences-User Interface

3. Under Select a Theme use the dropdown menu to select the “July4th” banner.

4. Click the Save button located in the light blue toolbar.


Enjoy the fireworks this year!

Magic Button Cuts Down on Listing Input

Are you bogged down and bugged out by the long listing input process? There is a new “magic button” in Paragon that allows you to skip everything except the required fields.

Required only buttonJust added to make your life a little easier, Paragon’s “Required Only” button can be found in the middle of the blue toolbar at the top of Paragon’s online listing input form.

Required only button long screenWhen you click the button, Paragon will instantly show you only the required fields needed to complete the listing and add to the MLS.

display all buttonBy clicking it again, (it will now be a “Display All” button), you can bring all the fields back, like an on-off switch. Listing input is a long process but if this button helps you to free up a little time, it really is a bit of magic!