Don’t Forget to Verify Information in Paragon!

Incorrect Information violations topped our count this month, but thankfully all were corrected within the 2 business day grace period so no fines were issued. Please take time to verify all information such as bedrooms, year built, parcel #, etc. Continue reading

Important Message for Windows Vista or Internet Explorer Version 9 Users!

Effective November 17th, Paragon will no longer be compatible with Windows Vista or Internet Explorer Version 9. If you are using Windows Vista, or Internet Explorer 9, you will need to upgrade your system to continue accessing Paragon. Please contact our tech support department or your office IT staff, for information on your upgrade options. Continue reading

Working with Auction Listings in Paragon Search in 10 Easy Steps

Auctions are a trending topic among NNRMLS members. We are fielding an increasing amount of calls regarding how to distinguish residential listings that are being offered at auction from other listings. This article will walk you through the process of searching for auctions and how to eliminate auctions from your search results. Continue reading

Exciting Bing Map Enhancements in Paragon!

As part of Paragon’s version 5.31 software enhancements we got a new look and feel for Paragon Bing Maps! The NNRMLS staff is really excited to share this news and a brief summary of the enhancements. Soon we’ll be concentrating on each section with more details to help guide you through the process. Continue reading