Change Can Be Difficult, But The Transformation Is Worth It!


Have you heard the news? Your REALTOR® Association is bringing you efficiency and time saved! Instanet, the new single platform product that will tightly integrate with the MLS launches this fall. You will be set free from duplicate typing, unleashed from your desktop, and open to the convenience of the cloud. It’s very exciting!

But we understand that change – even positive change – can be difficult. That is why you will be receiving weekly updates, announcements, schedules and check lists in order to make sure you transform your work flow with as little interference as possible.

We want you to know what’s coming! Click on the image above or here to go to the Instanet webpage that we are updating as time moves closer to the launch this fall. There you will find the specifics of this new product.

Down Payment Resource Live Webinar on February 4th

Attend the 30-minute educational webinar about today’s market trends, the impact of the new QM rule on homebuyers and a review of the options available that can help our Members better serve their clients. Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs), down payment assistance, and homebuyer education will be key to serving today’s market. Click the button below to register:

RegisterWebinarButtonDate: February 4, 2014
Time: 10am PST
Register Early



NNRMLS has partnered with Workforce Resource to bring you the Down Payment Resource Program. DPR is the nation’s first web-based tool to combine down payment
assistance information into one, online platform. DPR provides a simple, single
source for REALTORS and consumers to find down payment assistance program
information on eligible for-sale properties integrated into NNRMLS listing data
for homes currently on the market. Click here to find more information about DPR.

Call Before Showing Codes Encourage Showing Agent To Contact Listing Agent

A few NNRMLS Members have told us that Showing Agents sometimes attempt to show listings without making an appointment first. Listing Agents that would like to control this can program lockboxes with a Call Before Showing (CBS) code, which prevents agents from accessing a lockbox until the Listing Agent is contacted for an additional code. The Showing Agent must enter this CBS code into the lockbox before they can access the key compartment. Continue reading

Label Listing Photos in Paragon

You can now easily add labels to your photos when uploading them to Paragon. The image below shows what these labels look like in slideshow mode:Labels on a slideshow

Here’s how to add labels to your pictures:

While adding or maintaining the images in your listings you will see the “Add Label” link that appears in the lower left of the listing image. See below for a visual:

Add Label

To add a label to an image click the “Add Label” link, the Photo Label window will open for the specific picture you are working on.

Photo Label model_altered_by_MLM

Next, you’ll want to place your mouse cursor in the “Label” field and start typing a key word, a partial list of labels will then appear and you can choose the one that best applies. If you don’t see the label you want, try clicking the magnifying glass icon to the right of the “Label” field to choose from the entire list of labels.

NOTE: You cannot add your own labels, the list is predetermined and includes more than 90 choices for the Residential class. Other listing classes contain less labels. If you feel that there is a label that should be on the list please contact the NNRMLS staff to make that request.

Finally, click the Save button. That’s it! You will be able to see the labels in a slideshow of the listing in Paragon:

Labels on a slideshow








You will also be able to see the labels on listing detail reports:

Photo label client all fields

Stay tuned! We will be increasing the amount of photos that you can upload per listing soon and will announce it on this blog!

Introducing Property Detail Report; AKA PDR Lite!

Property Details for Discovery Bay CA

For those who miss the mortgage and tax information you used to access via TaxInsight, NNRMLS has a deal for you!  The product is called PDR LitePDR stands for Property Detail Report.

This is not TaxInsight, nor is it meant to be. That product was discontinued by the vendor and continues to occupy the annals of the real estate software dustbin! This is a report based on the essential information most Members reported they missed when TaxInsight was discontinued. It includes comprehensive transfer history, tax information, public school reports, sales comps and demographics.

Ready to jump right in? Here’s how to find it:

1. Find your property in Paragon and view it in an MLS or Client All Fields.
Please Note: This program can only be accessed through Paragon and can only be accessed via an existing listing within Paragon. This program will not pull property data for listings not entered into the MLS. Please Note: NNRMLS offers GeoJet, RPR and Find – all alternative solutions for accessing information on properties not listed in the MLS.

2. Click the blue action icon that has a white bar graph on it. PDR Lite action iconMLS all fields with PDR Lite icon

3. You’ll be taken directly to PDR Lite. We hope you enjoy this valuable Member service!

*Want to find transfer data using RPR, (REALTORS Property Resource)? Click here to read an article that tells you how.

Make Paragon Patriotic with a Summertime Banner

With our country’s 237th birthday right around the corner visions of cookouts, flags and fireworks are likely bursting in your mind. Bring your patriotic vision to life by customizing Paragon’s main toolbar into a Fourth of July extravaganza!

Here’s what the summertime themed banner looks like:

Forth banner…and here’s how to get it onto your Paragon account:

1. Click the Preferences icon and then click the System link.


2. Click the User Interface Interface from the menu on the left side of the screen.

System Preferences-User Interface

3. Under Select a Theme use the dropdown menu to select the “July4th” banner.

4. Click the Save button located in the light blue toolbar.


Enjoy the fireworks this year!