Make Sure Your Listing Can Be Found — MAP IT!

The Paragon MLS system has a mapping tool to help Buyer’s agents find the perfect property for clients! It’s called a “map search“, and allows agents to draw shapes on a map to micro-target specific areas. It works by using Geocodes, digital codes that match geographical coordinates to the name of a location. But, if your listings are NOT geocoded properly, then Buyer’s agents won’t be able to find them, which is bad for the seller.

Let’s make sure you know how to map your listings! Continue reading

Make Sure To Geocode Your Listing!

Paragon has a mapping utility to assist with property searches for your clients. You can create a search in Paragon using various shapes on the map to limit your results to specific areas. This allows you to better focus your efforts! (It works by using Geocodes.) Continue reading

Only One Property Class For Listings

Can my listing be listed under more than one property class?

A listing may only be listed in Paragon under one property class. If an agent has a listing that could fall under more than one class, it would be up to them to decide the most appropriate class the listing falls under.

However, if the agent has a property that is both for sale and rent, it is permissible to have the listing under one for sale class (i.e. Residential, Commercial, Multifamily, etc.) and also in the Rental property class.

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NNRMLS Waiver of Benefits

At the end of last year NNRMLS released a new “Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits” form due to the sharp increase in the number of sellers waiving their MLS benefits. This form seeks to protect our Members in what is a growing practice likely to expose them to liability. Please remember that you must submit a Waiver to the NNRMLS office if you are not listing the property in the MLS. Continue reading

Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits and Confidential Listings

When your client requests that their property not be placed in the MLS for any reason, a “Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits” must be completed and submitted to NNRMLS within 48 hours of the Seller’s signature. Continue reading