Goomzee Tip of the Week: Out of Area Use

NNRMLS data is not available when traveling or for an agent physically located outside of NNRMLS area.

In order to look at NNRMLS listings when outside of the area, aSettingsccess the phone settings and change the location/GPS within the Goomzee settings.


For iPhone, go to the settings, select Goomzee from the list of apps. Set the location to Reno (instead of “use my current location”).


GPS Override







And finally, log out and restart Goomzee. When prompted, select NNRMLS login and begin searching!

Goomzee Tips of the Week: Convenient Multi-Word Address Search/MLS Number Search

We have been collecting our Member Goomzee questions and will be running a series of blog posts answering these questions every Friday for several weeks. We hope these “how to” posts will help you in navigating our mobile MLS app!

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