Goomzee Tip of the Week: Do a CMA For Your Client From Your Phone or Tablet

So you’ve met with your client and you did a great job; they want to take the next step, but they’d like to know what their home is worth first. You could ‘hem and haw’ and tell them it’ll be a few days before you will have some sort of valuation report, or you could just create a beautiful, customized, branded CMA right from your mobile device in a few minutes! Continue reading

Goomzee Tip of the Week: Edit Your Listing From Your Phone!

Often price changes and status update requests come to you at times when you’re not at your office or even near a computer. Now with Goomzee you can edit listings from your phone or tablet when you are on the go! Don’t wanna read? Watch the video here: Change Listing Status and Price with Goomzee!  Continue reading