New 2017 Forms Released; Update Your Templates

ALL AGENTS and BROKERS who use Instanet templates should update the Residential O & A and Exclusive Right to Sell forms immediately!

There are other forms besides the O&A and Listing Contract that have changed as of January 2017! For a complete list click here for the 2017 Reno/Sparks Association of Realtors Form Updates Guide. If you use any of the forms mentioned in RSAR’s Updates Guide in your templates, you will need to update them. Your templates will not work until you update them! Continue reading

Instanet Quick Tip: Add Trusts and Trustees

One of the top questions we get from our Members is ‘How do I add a Trust and its Trustee to my forms?

It’s fairly straightforward but it’s a bit hidden in the contact profile, so it can be hard to find until someone shows you the steps. We will go over the process in this tutorial. Continue reading

Authentisign — I’m Stuck! How Do I Send This Form? (OLD VERSION)

Today’s Quick Tip is going to help you out of a jam – an Authentisign jam! If you think we are referring to literal, authentic jam that you spread on toast, please take one of our MLSU Authentisign classes! Authentisign is your e-signing software, part of the Instanet suite of products, integrated right into Paragon. Continue reading

Three Things You Need To Know & Do RIGHT NOW!

#1 — Beware of zipForm Renewal Pop-Up

Between now and December 31st, when you log into zipForm, you will get the pop-up screen pictured below. This is because Instanet Solutions has been chosen as the new Forms/Transaction Desk provider and RSAR forms will no longer be available in zipForm as of December 31, 2014. Continue reading

How To Email Your Existing zipForm Transactions Into Instanet

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please be advised that due to a development NNRMLS Members and staff have witnessed within the zipForm software the below instructions may no longer function. However; it is still the case that every Instanet Transaction has its own unique email address. That means if you download your documents out of zipForms you can then email the documents, as attachments, into Instanet. Please contact the NNRMLS at 823-8838 or for more details.

As many of you know, Instanet has launched this fall as your new online form software. This how-to article will help you move your existing transactions from zipForms into Instanet. For 30 days after the official launch, zipForm, DocCentral and Instanet will all run simultaneously in order for you to have enough time to transfer your transactions. An additional how-to article will address transferring existing transactions from DocCentral in the coming days.

Transactions buttonLet’s start with creating a transaction in Instanet:
You can email as many documents as you like into Instanet directly from zipForms!


Continue reading