NNRMLS Fax Line Now Working

After being down for a couple of weeks the NNRMLS fax line is now working! The error, which occurred at the phone company level, has been resolved — we can now receive faxes sent to the (775) 823-8809 number. In the unlikely event that you do experience an error, please try one of these options: Continue reading

Submitting Your Time-Sensitive Documents: Fax vs. Email

Although both faxing and emailing documents are convenient, neither are 100% guaranteed to reach the intended destination. The fax line may be busy, or email messages may be pushed to a spam folder.

If you have time-sensitive documents (i.e. Waiver of Benefits, Status Change and/or Listing Transfer Forms) that need to reach our office, we recommend both faxing and emailing them to us. You are always welcome to call our office at 823-8838 or email info@nnrmls.com to verify they were received as well.

Create a Coversheet Your Clients Can Fax to Your Email Inbox

Do you want your client to be able to fax you signed documents right to your email inbox? You can easily create a bar-coded fax coversheet for that purpose using DocCentral’s Fax to Email solution. Continue reading

NNRMLS Debuts New Fax to Email Product

DocCentral logoNNRMLS is pleased to announce a new Fax-to-Email solution! The new service provided by our vendor DocCentral is in place and ready to use today!

If you’d like to learn how this great new feature works read on for the complete tutorial. If you would like to go directly to the service, it can be accessed via the Paragon Resources icon under the DocCentral link.

Continue reading