Don’t Spam Your Friends: Mass Emailing Fellow Agents Not Encouraged

We have had a recent flurry of agent marketing flyers emailed to the NNRMLS office. We have also received calls from agents wondering why and how they are receiving marketing flyers from their fellow agents as well. This activity has prompted our staff to write this article. Continue reading

Paragon Messaging to Include Non-Delivery Reporting

Effective Tuesday, March 3, bounce-back messaging will be enabled in Paragon! This highly anticipated change will inform you when an Email was not received by the intended recipient. This is a good thing! Starting Tuesday, you’ll be notified if your client does not receive your Paragon Email messages. Continue reading

Submitting Your Time-Sensitive Documents: Fax vs. Email

Although both faxing and emailing documents are convenient, neither are 100% guaranteed to reach the intended destination. The fax line may be busy, or email messages may be pushed to a spam folder.

If you have time-sensitive documents (i.e. Waiver of Benefits, Status Change and/or Listing Transfer Forms) that need to reach our office, we recommend both faxing and emailing them to us. You are always welcome to call our office at 823-8838 or email to verify they were received as well.