Call Before Showing Codes Encourage Showing Agent To Contact Listing Agent

A few NNRMLS Members have told us that Showing Agents sometimes attempt to show listings without making an appointment first. Listing Agents that would like to control this can program lockboxes with a Call Before Showing (CBS) code, which prevents agents from accessing a lockbox until the Listing Agent is contacted for an additional code. The Showing Agent must enter this CBS code into the lockbox before they can access the key compartment. Continue reading

Which Smartphones Can Be Used as Your Lockbox Key?

With the NNRMLS 2013 Lockbox Exchange coming next week on May 7, 8 & 9 you might be wondering which smartphones you’ll be able to use to open the new iBox BT LE.  Continue reading

Press Release: SUPRA TO RELEASE eKEY™ Fob 3 for iPhone®, Android™, or Blackberry® Product to Enable eKEY for iPhone 5 Users November 30, 2012

Supra FOB

The following is a press release issued Dec. 3, 2012 to the NNRMLS by Supra:

Supra is pleased to announce the upcoming release of eKEY Fob 3. Compatible with iPhones (including the iPhone 5) as well as Blackberry and Android devices, eKEY Fob 3 converts a Bluetooth® signal generated from a real estate agent’s smart phone into an infrared signal that can be received by the Supra standard iBox™. Additionally, Fob 3 is also compatible with a growing variety of tablets, including Android and iPad. Association/MLS organizations may now pre-order eKEY Fob 3 in limited quantities. The new fob replaces its predecessor (Fob II), eliminating any need to stock both the Fob II and the eKEY Fob 3. Supra will continue to ship the iPhone Adapter for eKEY, for agents who prefer to use Apple’s 30 pin connector. eKEY Fob 3 will be made available to Associations and MLSs in limited quantities beginning December 2012, with general availability in January 2013. Associations may place advance orders, with first orders shipping on or before December 28, 2012. Real estate agents who use the SupraWEB information system may place orders through SupraWEB in January, 2013. In January 2013, there will be an original fob, fob II, and adapter trade-in opportunity if your Association/MLS organization elects to offer one to your members. Watch for more information upon the release of Fob 3. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth SIG. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. BlackBerry® is a registered trademark of Research in Motion (RIM).

Lockbox System Provider to Test iPhone 5 Adaptor – Full Functionality Not Confirmed

Shortly after the official announcement of the new iPhone 5, Supra, the providers of Northern Nevada Regional MLS’ lockbox system, announced its eKEY iPhone Adaptor has yet to be confirmed fully functional with the popular smartphone.
iPhone 5’s Lightning connector is smaller than the previous 30-pin version, and the eKEY iPhone Adaptor will not plug directly into it, according to the Supra Support Team.
Apple has announced a possible solution; a 30-pin to Lightning adaptor. But the Supra team reported, to the NNRMLS, that it cannot confirm if the new Apple adaptor will operate correctly with the eKey until it is tested.
Supra said it plans to support the iPhone 5, but added, “Supra customers who wish to run the eKEY application on an iPhone 5 may want to consider delaying their purchase of the iPhone 5 until Supra’s testing is complete.”
The lockbox company also said before it confirms compatibility it will need to obtain technical information from Apple to determine if engineering changes to its products are required.
The Supra team added, “We are also exploring a FOB/adaptor design that may not require Apple’s Lightning adaptor, and we will provide more information on that as it becomes available.”

-By Andrew Cristancho, NNRMLS Help Desk Representative
Please contact the NNRMLS at 823-8838 or at with any and all of your questions and concerns regarding this issue. You can also leave your questions in the comment section located at the bottom of this article.