June 2014 Violations

This month, Missing Documentation for Limited Service Listings topped the violation count.  Remember, if your listing is Limited Service, you must have the “Authorization to Negotiate Direct with Seller” form uploaded to Associated Docs in order to avoid a violation. Continue reading

Top May Violations

In May, “Late Listings” were down from April, but “Remarks” violations increased.  Remember, any contact information including phone numbers, websites, and bank and escrow information is permitted in the Private Remarks” only. Continue reading

Get To The Member Launchpad While Paragon Is Down

Quick Access Link to the Member Launchpad: http://launchpad.nnrmls.com

As you know, the NNRMLS listing data is moving this Friday and Saturday. The Paragon 5 MLS system will be unavailable for use from approximately 5pm on Friday, December 13 to approximately 11am on Saturday, December 14. Continue reading

NNRMLS Listing Data Is Moving This Friday and Saturday

Data-MigrationLPS, the makers of the Paragon 5 MLS system, announced that it will move the Data Center that hosts our MLS system from Olathe, KS to the world-class LPS Corporate Data Center in Jacksonville, FL on December 13-14. Continue reading

How Long Does It Take For My Listings To Show Up On Zillow?

NNRMLS distributes listing data to popular websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Homes.com. We utilize the syndication services of ListHub and Point2 to get the data from the MLS to these portals. Your listings are syndicated automatically if your office is properly configured. Your broker can sign into Point2 and ListHub via the NNRMLS Launchpad to view and manage syndication options.  Continue reading