The All-New Online MLSU Class Schedule Has Arrived!

The NNRMLS Class Schedule has a new easy-to-use format! The calendar is live and ready to use from the Launchpad when you click the MLSU Class button and also on the Members’ Site. You will see a list of all our current classes in a pdf flyer format first; when you are ready to proceed with registration, click the large green button. Continue reading

Only One Property Class For Listings

Can my listing be listed under more than one property class?

A listing may only be listed in Paragon under one property class. If an agent has a listing that could fall under more than one class, it would be up to them to decide the most appropriate class the listing falls under.

However, if the agent has a property that is both for sale and rent, it is permissible to have the listing under one for sale class (i.e. Residential, Commercial, Multifamily, etc.) and also in the Rental property class.

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