Big Initiatives Now in the Light: Approval of Nationwide Broker Data Entry System

Dear NNRMLS Members,

If you have been following the latest news from NAR, Inman News, and other blogs, you know that some big initiatives that had been speculated upon for many months have now come into the light. Continue reading

Transferring Offices

When you transfer offices you will start by filling out paperwork with your local Association who will then notify us of the change. Once your Association receives the paperwork, it can take up to 24 hours for you to be transferred to your new office in Paragon. MLS-Only members can contact the NNRMLS office directly with transfer information at amie@nnrmls.comContinue reading

NNRMLS Waiver of Benefits

At the end of last year NNRMLS released a new “Seller’s Waiver of MLS Benefits” form due to the sharp increase in the number of sellers waiving their MLS benefits. This form seeks to protect our Members in what is a growing practice likely to expose them to liability. Please remember that you must submit a Waiver to the NNRMLS office if you are not listing the property in the MLS. Continue reading