NNRMLS Debuts New Fax to Email Product

DocCentral logoNNRMLS is pleased to announce a new Fax-to-Email solution! The new service provided by our vendor DocCentral is in place and ready to use today!

If you’d like to learn how this great new feature works read on for the complete tutorial. If you would like to go directly to the service, it can be accessed via the Paragon Resources icon under the DocCentral link.

Here’s how to create a fax to email cover page with DocCentral:
1. Log into Paragon.
2. Click on the Resources icon, then click on the DocCentral link from the resulting dropdown.

DocCentral Fax to Email1
3. A new browser tab will open, your DocCentral account should load and you will be auto-logged in.
4. In DocCentral click on the Fax to Email tab.

DocCentral Fax to Email2
5. The From and To fields will be automatically filled in with the email address and name you have on file with your association and/or MLS. You can change these if you wish.
6. Fill in the Document Name, Document Description, Subject and Message fields.

DocCentral Fax to Email3
7. Click the Print button. It is possible to email the coversheet straight from this window by clicking the Email button, but this is not a necessary part of the fax-to-email process, just an extra benefit of the program.
8. Depending on what Internet browser you’re using, I’m using Internet Explorer for this tutorial, you will receive a message that says something like “Do you want to open or save 130077642045810081.pdf from doccentral.trpoint.com?” You have several options: Open, Save, Save As and Save and Open; I recommend picking Open since this will be the most direct method of completing the task at hand.

DocCentral Fax to Email4
9. A PDF viewer should pop up on your screen; click the File link at the top of the page, then click Print from the resulting dropdown menu.

DocCentral Fax to Email5
10. A print dialogue box will appear, where you can pick the printer you want to print to and the document orientation. Click the Print button.

DocCentral Fax to Email6
11. Now pair the printed page with any other documents you wish to send and fax it to the phone number that appears in the upper left of the cover sheet.
That’s it! You’re done! We hope you find DocCentral’s fax-to-email service reliable and simple to use!
-The NNRMLS Team
Please note: The DocCentral fax-to-email solution is a replacement for MongoFax. If you wish to read more about MongoNet’s abrupt discontinuation of service on March 6, 2013 click here.

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4 thoughts on “NNRMLS Debuts New Fax to Email Product

    • Hi Morgan,

      Just to clarify the thrust of your question: The MongoFax fax cover page was a downloadable blank PDF with logic embedded that you could save to your computer. DocCentral’s Fax to Email product is not designed to perform like MongoFax and is better accessed online. That being said, there is a way to save a DocCentral fax coversheet to your computer for future use with no expiration date. The main difference is that it will not be a blank that you can use repeatedly.

      Here’s how:
      1. Log into Paragon.
      2. Click on the Resources icon, then click on the DocCentral link from the resulting dropdown.
      3. In the DocCentral Fax to Email tab, your name and email address will automatically be entered into the “To” and “From” section. You’ll want to change the “From” information to your client’s information because they will be sending this back to you. Click the email button.
      4. Enter your email address, your client’s email address, or both addresses and any notes that you want to include, and click the Email button.
      5. That will send a “fresh” cover sheet with a bar code and an 800 number to you, your client or both that you/they can use to send documents via fax machine to your email inbox, or whichever email address you entered into the “To” field. The DocCentral email will contain instructions for you and/or your client on how to use the Fax to Email coversheet.

      That’s it! We hope you find this new Member service simple and efficient to use! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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