NNRMLS 2018 Forms — Customize Paragon, Find More

With the new updates to 2018 NNRMLS forms, customizing Paragon can transform you into a searching superhero!

Here’s how to customize Paragon MLS Searches:
First open Paragon and start a search. In the example below I’ve started a residential search and added the type of property and status I want to search for. But now I want to add search criteria that does not show on this page. What do I do? The answer is to customize! Click the Customize button and then click Fields from the drop-down menu:

Now type in the Find window to locate what you want to add to your search. In the example below I’ve searched for the word City, and received two results; City and Within City Limits, which will both be added to my search. To add fields to your search you must click the check boxes that correspond to those fields, then click the Add button in the middle of this customize window:

Your new search fields will now appear at the bottom of the Selected Fields column of the customize window. What if you want these new search fields to appear higher on the page? The answer is to click the items you want to move and click the Move Up button to move them further up the page. In the example below I’ve moved City and Within City Limits so that they appear just under Price. Click the Apply button to save your changes.

Now you will see the Search page with your new criteria waiting for input.

GOOD NEWS – we have a video for you! We made this short video for you to show you how easy it is to complete this simple task!

Bonus Tip! Here’s how to customize your spreadsheets in Paragon:

  • While viewing your spreadsheet click Customize, then click Fields:

Choose customize, then fields

  • Now search for the item you would like to add to your Paragon search by typing into the search window located in the upper left corner of the customize window. Once you find the item you would like to add click the checkbox that corresponds to that field. Next, click the Add button in the middle of the window. It will then be added to the Selected Fields side of the window. If needed, move the field by clicking and dragging it, finally, click Save:

That’s it! The new field you added will show as a column in your spreadsheet! Now that you’ve customized your spreadsheet, the changes will remain there for all searches you do later. In other words, set it and forget it! If you want to remove the column, simply employ the process described above in reverse.

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