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Internet Data eXchange (IDX) is a set of rules that facilitates the electronic display of listing data. If you’re a REALTOR chances are you’ll want to allow your clients to search the MLS using your website. NNRMLS offers two channels for distributing this MLS data: RETS and IDX SmartFrame. Which one is right for your website?


RETS, short for Real Estate Transaction Standard, is a protocol used by web developers to work with raw listing data. RETS is the industry standard for working with Real Estate data. It takes some programming skill to incorporate a RETS solution into your website. The possibilities with RETS are only limited by the IDX rules and your web design expertise.


Our IDX SmartFrame solution provides you with a customizable window that you can frame into an existing website. Your display options are much more limited than with RETS. The benefit of the SmartFrame solution is that you don’t need much programming skill to get up and running, so long as your website supports the technology. Check with your website vendor if you are unsure.


Our IDX SmartFrame solution is available for $15 per month per agent, and there’s a $25 charge if you require assistance with the configuration.

The annual RETS license fee is $180 per broker, and there’s a one- time setup fee of $50. The RETS fees are billed directly to the broker, and are additional to any fees charged by your website vendor.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in getting your website set up with either RETS or IDX SmartFrame, there are several ways to get started. You can initiate the process through your preferred website vendor or contact us at for more information.

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George Pickard is the Director of IT and Product Innovation for NNRMLS. He’s been an IT professional since 1998, and holds Microsoft and Cisco certifications and specializes in IDX & Data Feeds for our company. George's interests include travel, philosophy, and performing with his garage band The Atomiks. He and his wife Kristin are the proud parents of three excellent young humans.

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