Instanet Quick Tip: Using the Transaction WIZARD

The Instanet Transaction Wizard is a built-in, online tool available to 24/7 — anytime you start a transaction. It is recommended for those who are new to creating a transaction in Instanet.

If you’re wondering how to start a transaction please click here to read our short article called “Instanet Quick Tip: How to Start a Transaction

There are two ways to tell Instanet that you want to use your Transaction Wizard:

1) You can keep the Use Wizard checkbox checked when you are creating the transaction like the screenshot shows below:









2) Or you can create the transaction without checking the Use Wizard box — when you land on the Property Detail page of the transaction click on Transaction Wizard in the upper right corner of your screen. HINT: If you don’t see Transaction Wizard try clicking the “Veggie Burger Menu” located in the right-hand corner of your screen to reveal it.

Hamburger and Transaction Wizard
Once you’re in the Wizard you’ll be guided through Steps 1 through 5 by simply clicking the PREV and NEXT buttons. By following these steps you can be sure to include the most important details in your transaction.

Step 1: Fill out the Property Details. Filling out this “cover sheet” is optional. The details you add into the Property Detail will “flow” into the transaction forms. Similarly, when you add details about the property into the transaction forms, the Property Detail cover sheet will be filled in with those details.

Step 2: Fill in the transaction dates (this step also optional). The dates you add into the Transaction Dates will “flow” into the transaction forms and visa-versa; the dates you add into your forms will “flow” into this section.

Step 3: Add contacts. We recommend that you add contacts here as it can be confusing for new users to add contact names directly into the forms. To add a contact click the plus mark button labeled Add.


Step 4:  Add your transaction forms by clicking the plus mark button labeled Add NewPlease Note: If you use a template with forms you can skip this step. If you do not use a template with forms then we recommend you add forms during this step, but we also recommend you wait to fill them out until you’re done working in the wizard.

Step 5: Add documents. This is an optional step and it’s also the LAST step! Now click the Done button and pat yourself on the back! You’ve created a transaction!

Once you’re finished with the wizard you’ll land on the Transaction Dashboard which will look similar to the picture below:

Transaction dashboard

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