How To Renew Your Auto Emails

If you’ve noticed an “Expiring Notifications” window popping up in Paragon when you log in, but you don’t know what to do — please read this article!

A while back the makers of Paragon implemented an enhancement that allows agents to add expiration dates to their auto-email notifications. The group of notifications that were set to expire six months from that time were extended for an additional six months, and are now expiring through February 14. NNRMLS would like to take this opportunity to explain how you can easily renew or stop these auto-emails and get rid the pop-up window. This applies to notifications from Client Connect as well.

As discussed above, the Paragon MLS system notifies you of upcoming expiring notifications via a pop-up window upon logging into the system. You can also access this message in the Alerts widget, which usually appears in the upper left-hand corner of your Paragon home page.

Alerts to Expiring notifications window

Click on this image to see a larger view of it. The grey bar will display the number of notifications that need attention. Click it to display emails that will soon expire. -Image courtesy Black Knight Financial Services.

In the image to the left of this text you can see where the notifications are inside the Alerts widget.








To update the auto-email:

1. Click the plus sign (+) next to the name of the Saved Search that the notification is tied to.

2. Using the checkboxes, select the item that you want to adjust.

3. Then click the Deactivate or Renew buttons.

Expiring notifications check box2

Click on this image to properly view it. Note that the top checkbox allows users to select multiple contact records to be renewed of deactivated.









Clicking the Renew button will extend the notification for a full year. Clicking the Deactivate button will stop the notification from going out to the client.

Deactivate and Renew buttons

Click on this image to properly view it. This image shows the location of the Deactivate and Renew buttons. -Image courtesy Black Knight Financial Services.







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