How To Email Your Existing zipForm Transactions Into Instanet

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please be advised that due to a development NNRMLS Members and staff have witnessed within the zipForm software the below instructions may no longer function. However; it is still the case that every Instanet Transaction has its own unique email address. That means if you download your documents out of zipForms you can then email the documents, as attachments, into Instanet. Please contact the NNRMLS at 823-8838 or for more details.

As many of you know, Instanet has launched this fall as your new online form software. This how-to article will help you move your existing transactions from zipForms into Instanet. For 30 days after the official launch, zipForm, DocCentral and Instanet will all run simultaneously in order for you to have enough time to transfer your transactions. An additional how-to article will address transferring existing transactions from DocCentral in the coming days.

Transactions buttonLet’s start with creating a transaction in Instanet:
You can email as many documents as you like into Instanet directly from zipForms!


1. Log into Instanet and click on the Transactions button.
2. Then, next to I would like to: make sure the field says Create New Transaction File, and click the arrow in the blue circle. (shown below)

Inside transaction folder

3. Fill in Transaction Name, choose Transaction Type, Choose RPR (NNRMLS) for Data Source, Choose the county, Enter the MLS number or Parcel ID and if you don’t know either one you can use the address search by clicking the “If you are importing from tax records and don’t know the parcel id, please click here to search,” now choose which type of agent you are; Listing, Selling, Both or Neither and click Save,
4. Fill in the Transaction Details page and click the Save Icon.

That’s it! You’ve created a Transaction in Instanet!

Now, let’s get those files out of zipForms and into Instanet:

1. We are starting in Instanet, by emailing your zipForm documents directly into the transaction file. Open the transaction you created a moment ago by clicking the Transaction button, then clicking the name of the transaction
2. Now click the Documents tab.
3. On the next page make sure the field next to the “I would like to:” command is set to “Upload Documents via Email,” and click the blue arrow.

I would like to upload documents via email



4. Now you have a choice to either pick: “Click to open email client, attach documents and send ,” OR “Click to save Transaction email contact to your device.”

Upload Documents via email getting the email address





There’s no right decision here, go with whichever works! The point of this is to acquire/save the email address into the Transaction folder. In this example, first click “Click to save Transaction email contact to your device,” then Open in the message that appears at the bottom of the Internet window.

Do want to open or save from transaction desk

5. Now copy the email address that comes up in your email program’s address book.

copy transaction desk email address from email program

6. Now it’s time to go back to zipForms, click the transaction you would like to move the documents from and into Instanet.
7. Click the Send button (It looks like an envelope).

Send button in zipForms

Click the Select All button.

Select All button zipForms




8. Now paste the copied email address into the Send to Recipients field, and click the Send button.

sending docs via email from zipForms











Your documents will now show inside the matching Transaction folder you created in Instanet!

Instanet Document List_full

Coming to this blog soon – an article to show you how to get your transactions out of DocCentral and into Instanet.

Stay tuned for the release of the training schedule, both in-person and webinars – coming soon!


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  2. two questions
    how do I delete a transaction
    when I am creating a transaction what is the difference between existing transaction file and use transaction template?
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