Delete Listings From Your Paragon 5 Listing Cart

If you’d like to delete listings from one of your Paragon 5 listing carts here’s how:
1. In Paragon click on the Search icon
2. Under the yellow Saved Search heading click on Listing Carts
3. On the listing cart page click on the underlined name of the listing cart
4. In the Manage Listing Cart click the check box corresponding to the listing you want to delete
5. Click the Remove button
6. When you’re done removing listings click the close button

Thank you for contacting the NNRMLS!

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3 thoughts on “Delete Listings From Your Paragon 5 Listing Cart

  1. We recently listed a property 2 times by mistake in Paragon. I have followed the instructions several times to remove the listing, bur when we go back into Paragon listings it is still there. Please help!
    Thank you

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